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How Scientologists Raise Their Children

Save the child and you save the nation. -

Every family is different of course, whether they are Scientologists, Christians, Muslims, or Hindus. And many parents tend towards raising their children in the same way they themselves were brought up.
I was brought up in a non-spiritually focused household. Actually, it was a pretty American middle-class lifestyle. We watched a lot of tv, went to public school, didn't talk much to our parents about things that were really important to us. We did spend some quality time with our parents, but we weren't very open - any of us - about what was really going on in our lives.
I didn't want that for my own children. I wanted to make sure they knew that I was there, as a friend, and they could talk to me about anything!
In order to be this person who could communicate so openly with my children, I had to overcome a few obstacles in my path - these were, mainly, personal obstacles. We all have them - think about it. There are probably things about YOU that you know keep you from being the kind of person you want to be.
Well, with Scientology, I have been able to address those particular issues of my own, and handle them, so they don't get it my way.

This is an ongoing process, as there is a lot to a person, and lots of ways in which we can improve!
Many spiritually-focused people look to their religious teachings for guidance in how they treat their children. As a Scientologist, I use a number of Scientology texts in handling my family.
Some of the books that I consider most important in the raising of my children, are:
Child Dianetics
Assists for Illness and Injuries
the Scientology Handbook
Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health
Self Analysis
The Emotional Tone Scale
Dynamics of Life


Scientology Courses that have helped my family:
You can take one of these courses at your local Church of Scientology Organization.
If you would like my assistance in finding the right course or book for your needs, please feel free to Email me

Websites about how you can use Scientology principles to improve your family life:

Where to go when you need help:

Scientology Volunteer Ministers: We're here to help you

Church of Scientology: Children

Scientology Counselling - The Practice of Scientology

How Scientology has helped other parents:

Church of Scientology DC: Children

Scientology class suits shy Hindu 


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