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Children learn how to behave, in many ways, from the actions of the people around them. You don't really need to teach a child to say 'please' and 'thank you' - they will do those things on their own, simply by mimicking others. 

In much the same way, if you want your child to take care of his world, you will need to set the example for him, by taking care of your world, too. 

It's never too soon to teach a child that she can and should care about the greater world. Taking a child to fundraisers, asking him for his help with a stray pet, even adhering to a vegetarian diet can teach a child valuable lessons.

Here is a video of young animal rights activist, Juliette West. She's teaching the world about the abuse of circus elephants, in elephant trekking and elephant painting. It's pretty awful what happens to these animals. You can see a preview of the movie directed by Synthian Sharp and Tim Gorski.

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Visit Historic Portugal | Patio d. Fradique | Education Quotes | Elephant Documentary to learn about the work of animal activists, Synthian Sharp and Tim Gorski.