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Best Homeschooling Books for Childrern

You can find other books I recommend by reading my reviews and lists at Amazon.

Books & Guides
Recommended books by Homeschoolmum:
On the Human Spirit - These are books about religion and spirituality. Includes details on what I liked about these books. They cover religions from Scientology to Christianity to Buddhism.
Books that Help People to Help Others - This is a list of books that one can study and use to help others improve their lives.
Great Health & Diet Books - All these are books that I have found personally useful in improving my health and well-being.
Homeschooling Essentials - These are the main homeschooling books that I use in homeschooling my own children.
Children's Books that Grown-Ups Love - Wow! I love all these books, and most of them have been favorites of mine since my own childhood.
Nurturing Our Children - All about Attachment Parenting - or raising children instinctively, with tons of love and cuddles and attention.
Understanding the Religious Choices of Others - If you would like to increase your understanding of other people's religious beliefs, these are must-read books.
And Guides:
So You'd Like to... Homeschool Your Child - A guide for those just starting out as homeschoolers.
So You'd Like to... Find Out About Scientology - Find out why this is THE fastest growing religion in the world!
So You'd LIke to... Raise Happy & Healthy Children - Those books that have helped me the most in raising my children.
Some particularly valuable books:
Homeschooling Book Reviews - Homeschooling blog with my book reviews
L. Ron Hubbard: The Humanitarian; Education - Read about L. Ron Hubbard and why educators around the world are interested in his study technology methods.
Citizens Commission on Human Rights - booklet - Psychiatry: Betraying and Harming Children - Order or download this free booklet about psychiatric abuse of children, and their drugging of children.

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