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As a homeschooling mother of 7 beautiful kids, I have a strong interest in anything and everything relating to kids, education and homeschooling. .

There are now over 2 million homeschooling families in the United States. With national geography bee, spelling bee, and science fair winners coming from homeschooling backgrounds, homeschooling has gained more and more attention in the media. Because of this, it may appear to be a NEW thing. But even just a brief look into the history of education will give one an understanding of homeschooling in a different light. It is not a "new" thing. Besides being an effective method of education, homeschooling is a traditional method of education.

All four men on Mount Rushmore were homeschooled. In fact, Abraham Lincoln became a lawyer (not to mention President of the United States) without ever attending a single day of school.

Recommended books include:

John Taylor Gatto, Dumbing Us Down and The Underground History of American Education.

L. Ron Hubbard, Learning How to Learn

John Holt, Why Children Fail

You can find other books I recommend by reading my reviews and lists at Amazon.

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Death Education in Schools
Recent news events have reminded me once again that there are lots and lots of reasons why homeschooling is a completely different - and better - game than public school.
Two teachers were suspended at Grossmont High School in San Diego, for showing the beheading of Nick Berg, Iraqi hostage, to students.
When I was in school, our school was commended by the state governor for it's progressive education. I believe he meant progressive psychological programs. In 9th grade, our World History class actually taught death education.
We wrote obituaries for one another. We watched the infamous film in which a man is hanged, the rope breaks, he escapes and gets back to his girlfriend. Then, shockingly, the film takes us suddenly back to the hanging and we realize the escape was just a dream or vision as the hanged fellow was dying. And there his body was, hanging from the bridge.
I never did like that teacher...!
You can read more about psychological programs in schools and find out what the Citizens Commission on Mental Health, Fight for Kids, and other activities to stop this kind of psychological abuse of our children in public schools.
More on what's behind government-sponsored mind control.

I am very concerned about the fate of children labeled and drugged by psychiatrists. These drugs are dangerous, and I have devoted part of this website to detailing this abuse.

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