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about Clear Body, Clear Mind by L. Ron Hubbard





The National Environmental Trust’s “Cabinet Confidential” report examined state-collected data from New Jersey and Massachusetts on chemicals shipped in products. The report shows that the amount of toxic chemicals shipped in products likely to end up in consumers’ homes is more than 40 times the amount of these chemicals released to the environment.

“This report is very significant,” says environmental scientist Michael Wisner, who educates consumers on the dangers of chemical exposure. Wisner, a researcher for the New York Times bestseller Clear Body Clear Mind by L. Ron Hubbard, a book that explains how toxins are retained in the body tissue and can effect you both mentally and physically years later, has worked with many different kinds of toxic exposure, including members of families who were exposed right in their own homes. The exposure can dull the senses, cloud up thinking and even cause a wide range of illnesses. And worse, they block any stable advancement in mental or spiritual well-being.

“One of the important findings of this report is the fact that there are millions of pounds of toxic chemicals ‘along for the ride’ in these products. They serve no particular purpose in the product, but exposure can lead to harmful effects,” points out Wisner.

Chemicals known and suspected to contain neurotoxins, and reproductive and developmental toxins are a potential source of exposure that rarely gets examined. Although the Center for Disease Control (CDC) does bio-monitoring studies, this report shows that among the 10 chemicals most likely to be found in products in the home, only one is on the CDC’s list for bio-monitoring. So the actual extent of exposure from the other chemicals commonly found in these products is unknown.

In the past several years, particularly led by Earl Gray's laboratory at the US Environmental Protection Agency, attention has turned to low-dose toxicity of phthalates during crucial windows of fetal development. Gray’s work reveals that male reproductive development is acutely sensitive to some phthalates and increases indications of demasculinization.

“With this high level of chemical toxicity all around us, and studies proving that most Americans have these chemicals present in their systems, reducing your current ‘chemical body burden’ offers a promise of better physical and mental health,” says Wisner.

Clear Body Clear Mind outlines a simple yet effective system of exercise, nutrition, vitamins and sauna sweat-out that releases and flushes toxins from the system.  Independent scientific studies have shown that people doing this program do indeed have toxic chemicals and drug residues coming out of their system and 250,000 people worldwide have done the program with results such as thinking more clearly, having more energy and living a happier, more perceptive and aware life.

“As a young mother of three sons, maintaining a home, lawn and garden, little did I know at the time what ills the future would bring,” said Rose Marie Raccioppi, an avid artist and educator from New York, who suffered from unusual reactions to household and garden products. “Spraying, cleaning, polishing—all seemingly noble deeds of a dutiful housewife resulted in headache, skin rashes, food allergies, sinus infection and other conditions.”

After months of despair and research, Rose Marie was fortunate enough to do the program detailed in the book Clear Body Clear Mind. “The program was vigorous, demanding and of the utmost benefit. As the program progressed symptoms elevated and then subsided. The body seemed to have experienced the memory of each toxic experience. I was so taken by the experience of the program that I was compelled to give it expression beyond verbal or written description. My first painting was a watercolor depicting the internal storm and calm I felt. I continue to express my gratitude in every painting. Each painting is a metaphor expressing the delight in life now lived. I am free of the devastating state I once lived.  I can now enjoy the love and company of my family in good health.”

Clear Body Clear Mind makes no medical claims and the benefits vary from person to person. To find out more about the program, visit www.clearbodyclearmind.com.


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